Alanzo Greaves returns with a

Alanzo Greaves, arguably one of the better pedal cyclists to have emerged from Guyana has returned to the local circuit with a bang, having made a big impact in the just concluded Guyana Cycling Federation, National Sports Commission’s National Three-Stage.
At the conclusion of the final stage, an emphatic Greaves, speaking with Guyana Times Sport stated, “It’s a good feeling, a very good feeling to come back into the sport I love and I get the crowd support too, so the comeback is good, Alanzo Greaves is back!”

He’s back! Alanzo Greaves made his return to competitive cycling after his ban was lifted on November 1
He’s back! Alanzo Greaves made his return to competitive cycling after his ban was lifted on November 1

Greaves was among those tested positive for drugs after the Caribbean Regional Anti-Doping Organisation (RADO) carried out a random test on ten cyclists that participated in the `Tour of Guyana’ Five Stage road race which concluded on November 1, 2015, subsequently resulting in him being banned from the sport until November 1, 2016.
Speaking on the trail to his inevitable return, the 26 year old star conveyed that “It was a long journey because I was off for one year so I started training like six months into the year, I know my suspension would have been up anytime in November so I prepared for the 3 stage.”
His six month preparation was done prior to the resumption of another year of the premier cycling event of the country which he felt would be the symbolically special event to return on the scene.
Reflecting on his return, Greaves had immediately made an impact, finishing a credible fourth overall. Greaves, won the final stage in a late push to the finish line, edging out Hamza Eastman. The returning cyclist also placed second in the first leg. However, the time trial was where Greaves faced the most difficulty.
“I didn’t do pretty well in the time trial because after a year, it was very hard to come back and competing with guys who have been racing for the full year but I recovered after the time trial and today come out victorious.” Greaves stated on his performance of the time trial stage, where he finished 15th place, one minute, 14 seconds behind the leader.
One the win of the final leg, a 20-lap race around the outer circuit of the National Park, the cyclist felt comfortable in his type of race and reminisced on the last 10 seconds to the finish line.
“The guys [Eastman, Michael Anthony, Shaquel Agard] started the sprint early and I had to come on the outside and really dig in and turn over the gears. So I know I was coming in with a speed so the guys rise up so I just jerked my bike so I know I had to do the training towards this race because this is my comfort zone, circuit racing.”
The moment was a very pleasing one for Greaves after highlighting the fact that “Those guys were competing straight out the year” and come back and still be able to be amongst the best.”
Greaves finished overall in a time of four hours, 40 minutes and 30 seconds.