All skin teeth na laff

Satiricus was quite upbeat as he ambled towards the Back Street Bar. Ever since he quit the KFC party, he’d noticed they’d practically disappeared from the public’s eye. He didn’t mind, since he didn’t want to be blamed for jumping a sinking ship. He’d cut ties much earlier, when Nagga Man boasted he’d whup the PPCEE in Whimsey. He’d concluded the man had become delusional.
“Hey, Sato!” yelled Cappo, as Satiricus sidled into the seat next to him. “Wha’ yuh t’ink ‘bout de new May-ya?”
“What’s to think?” answered Satiricus. “We don’t know anything about him.”
“Da na true!” interjected Bungi. “Abee know ‘e a wan Maha Soopa pandit. Dem bin seh Burnt Ham a dem Gaad!”
“Bungi’s right,” said Hari. “The bannah come from a long line of PNC soup drinkers!”
“Well, he’ll get his soup,” smiled Satiricus. “But it’ll be served from his predecessor’s ladle!”
“Suh yuh mean who feed de, daag can den call aff de daag?” asked Cappo with a cynical smile.
“Budday the lady said it openly before they SELECTED the Pandit,” said Satiricus. “She said she was looking for someone young, who she could GUIDE!”
“Guide?” asked Bungi. “Yuh mean like how dem does ‘guide’ dem dankey fuh pull dem cyart wid wan 2 by 4!!”
“But when the Old Mayor advise the Pandit, I thought it was you fellas,” said Hari.
“Really?” said Cappo. “Wha’ she seh?”
“Not every smile, not every skin teeth, is a laugh; not every shut-eye is sleep, and there are many wolves in sheep’s clothing,” reported Hari.
“That’s all very true,” agreed Satiricus. “But there are also wolves in wolves’ clothing he has to look out for – like the old Mayor!!”
“If de guvment evah tek de Kennard CoI advice,” Bungi pointed out. “All dem wolf guh get jail!”
“Well, Rum Jaat is building a new jail at Camp Street,” said Hari. “But that’s only for those who break his 2am bar curfew!”

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