Allegiance to PNC began the downfall of once-great organisation

Dear Editor,
Upon the passing of the late Sais Narain, inevitably his association with the Maha Sabha of Lamaha Street, Georgetown, came into the fore where he served as President for a lengthy period before handing over to the late Judge Ramraj Jagnandan. I think it would be apposite to note here that this organisation which is still in existence is probably the first organised body in Guyana which propagated Sanatan Vedic Dharma in a structured manner and many stalwarts of the past were associated with it but one name stands out as a founder member in the 1930s and that is the redoubtable Dr Jung Bahadur Singh, who lobbied intensively during British colonial rule for the right for Hindus to be cremated. Maybe the divine law of Karma played its hand and it seems that Dr JB Singh was officially the first Hindu to be cremated after this final rite for Hindus was legalised in then British Guiana.
In the minds of many Hindus, the Maha Sabha’s unfortunate allegiance to the PNC under the leadership of Sais Narain began the downfall of this once great organization, creating a split within the Hindu community and leading to a gradual whittling down of its large membership and estrangement of prominent Hindus. I believe the lesson is that Hindu organisations should stay away from political affiliation and concentrate strictly on the promotion and propagation of our great and eternal Dharma.

Yours sincerely,
Chris Persaud