Allicock maintains positivity following Olympic stint

Even after a defeat at the Olympic Games, Keevin Allicock remains resolute in his faith and ability to bounce back.
The Guyanese boxing sensation has managed to maintain a positive attitude throughout his first Olympic Games and has credited this to his faith in God, during a recent interview with Sportsmax TV.
“The reason that I’m here, the true reason is not because I’m strong, it’s not just because I’m disciplined in the sport of boxing, it’s because I’m disciplined to God. Put him first; with him you can get to the sky, with Christ anything is possible,” he posited.
“I’ve been hit harder than this and I’m still here. My dad passed away and I’m still fighting it. So, if I can do it, if I can recover from this so fast, because I’m not grieving. I’m a fighter, I learned from this the best failed many times. Many Olympians failed five, six times; I’ve been looking at videos and they come again and destroy it,” the boxer related to Sportsmax in the Olympic Village.
“So, this is my plan, I’m trusting in God that at the next Olympics I will be back even more stronger.”
Sharing a bit about his upbringing, Allicock credited his father’s influence and that of his community for his boxing career.
“It’s such an honour for me to represent my country at this level. I’m feeling happy still because I did a wonderful job.
“It all start, you know when I was a kid where I grew up in Guyana. I grew up in the ghetto which we call Albouystown. You know, you have to fight a lot, so, he (his father) started to teach us. Because he really loved boxing, he loved this guy Chavez. He just grow into boxing, also he used to fight street fights, so he just plant it in us and said ‘Listen, you guys have the talent, you have the skill, I’m going to push you in the sport of boxing’,” Allicock recollected.
Another component of the 22-year-old’s resilience came from his intention to show his late father that he can be successful in the sport.
“My dad never really had me to be, to meet this far in boxing. Because my brothers are very talented, they’re very skillful in the sport of boxing, so he never really had me to box, you know; he just trained me and stuff like that.”
He continued, “That is one of the things that motivate me, I look at this and say ‘listen, I’m going to prove to him that I’m the best’. The Bible mention that the last will become the first and the first will became the last and the stone that the builder reject will become the head cornerstone.
“So, I see myself as that, as a kid coming up. I wanted to prove to my dad that I’m that one, I’m that son that’s going to make you shine.”
When it came to his thoughts on his bout against the Dominican Republic’s Alexy de la Cruz, Allicock was not satisfied with the outcome, but maintained the judges have the final word.
“I wasn’t pleased with the decision. The judges’ decision is final though, I cannot question it. But like I said I wasn’t pleased with it. I thought that I know that I win the fight, based on my performance,” Allicock maintained.
He further highlighted, “I didn’t really see what this guy was doing to win the fight. ‘Cause if you view the fight for yourself, he was just moving all over the place.”
Allicock lost to de la Cruz on Saturday, during their Round of 32 featherweight bout, by unanimous decision.