Amended Fugitives Extradition Law

Dear Editor,
The National Assembly recently passed the Fugitives Bill; rather, it was an amendment to an existing law, only this time it has firmer clauses that speak to the extradition of criminals or fugitives from justice.
Of course this has sent shockwaves through the PNC.
So, already they are crying foul at the Attorney General for piloting such a bill. They contend that the PPP/C Government is all about placing a gag order on anyone who speaks out against the regime.
These are nice sounding words, but lest they forget their own handiwork, the PNC, during their long reign in power, instituted the law governing libel and seditious speech; yes, they did, only the extradition clause is now added to it.
I cannot readily recall which came first, whether it was sedition or freedom of speech, but the point is that both were laid down in law by the PNC. That freedom of speech was surreptitiously placed there to create an atmosphere where you can speak your mind against them so that they can know what you are thinking, then turn again and deal with you.
The common belief during that time was that you can speak your mind, but, then again, you pay dearly for what you speak. in some situations, persons simply disappeared for their free speech. A case in point is Dr. Walter Rodney, who was murdered for speaking out.
The PPP/C is not in the business of killing anybody; all we are asking of you is to come defend yourself against the utterances you publicly made.
Do you remember the term, “Careful what you talk boy, else we hear that they bump you off,” a term frequently used by the PNC’s Tonton Macoutes. That bump-off term drove fear and foreboding among the Guyanese populace.
So, to behave as if this law is something totally new is ludicrous.
The point I am making is that the Opposition believe that laws are created to serve them when they are in Government and in control of things; however, when they are in Opposition, those same laws should be changed to suit their lawless cause.
Well, that is not going to happen, we are coming after those seditious criminals who are hiding in and out of Guyana. There will be no hiding place.

Neil Adams