Another day, another scandal…

…and another PNC sin
For the 23 years the PPP was at the helm, the PNC never strayed from the narrative they crafted to discredit the Government. “Ethnic cleansing”, “marginalisation”, “land giveaways”, “cronyism”, and “corruption” were some of the buzzwords they used to throw mud at the PPP. And eventually the Goebbels Principle – tell a lie often enough and eventually folks will see it as the “truth” — won out and the PPP was ousted in 2015.
Now you’d think, having sensitised the populace for so long to the various kinds of hanky-panky Governments can use to fatten themselves and their minions, the PNC would’ve been a bit circumspect when they slid into office in 2015. But those seven deadly sins – pride, greed, wrath, envy, lust, gluttony, and sloth – proved too much for them. Envy of the PPP and lust for what they had were such overweening emotions during their years in the Opposition, they just couldn’t wait to commit all the other sins they’d actually projected onto their bête noir!!
Even though it ain’t easy, look at Nagamootoo, for instance! Was it anything but pride that made him insist on a dozen outriders to herald his coming into even the most decrepit hamlet? Or for Granger to have a convoy that disrupted the always gridlocked East Bank traffic twice daily?? Or to have his name on all those Buses and Boats – like Burnham having his pic on those exercise books back in the day. And scaring kids into failing their exams!!
Greed?? That actually turned out to be the defining characteristic of the PNC’s five-year rule. And we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg with all those padded payrolls in every department of governmental activity. Just look at Simona Broomes, for instance. She insisted when “mouth open and story jump out” that she’d had nowhere to stay while in GT from 2015 to justify her paying $800,000 monthly to rent a house!! After citizen outrage at the boondoggle, she retreated to another house and had the Govt pay $500,000 monthly. It’s now been revealed it was her house all along, but claimed it was her son’s!! Greed incarnates!
Broomes also flaunted the gluttony that extended throughout the PNC ranks – judging from the accounts of their spending on food during “meetings”!! In one infamous instance, she had two security guards jailed for interrupting her tryst for Chinese fried rice at New Thriving!! Wrath?? She sure also exhibited that!! Sloth with the governmental work was also endemic with the PNC leadership if for no other reason than they were too busy indulging their other sins!!
Surely the PNC constituency deserve better leaders!

At long last, the PNC’s vindictive attempt to throw out the PPP from “Red House” has been thrown out by no other than CJ Roxane George. How petty and low could the PNC and Granger get? George ruled that Granger acted illegally when he cancelled the PPP’s lease since there was no breach in the terms. Just as with an earlier decision, Granger will now mutter “That’s HER perception and I have mine”. But, as then, his perception is absolutely irrelevant, isn’t it?
The PNC were livid the PPP used the building to house the Jagan Papers. Granger, the chief acolyte of Burnham, insisted his hero must also be represented and were apoplectic when the PPP replied that election rigger Burnham, and assassinator of political opponents – was unfit to be in the same building with Jagan, the father of the nation!!
Led by such worthies like Basil Williams and Volda Lawrence, they actually pull down the sign and attempted to evict the Centre.
They were repulsed then, as they have been repulsed again!

…in political payback
When PNC candidate Ulita Moore lost that case to block the recount in both the High and Appellate Courts, folks figured she couldn’t pay costs.
But now we know she’d been given a $7 million contract for weeding grass, she can be garnished!