Another drug bust in “Spliff Street”, Buxton

Police for the third time this year have made yet another ganja discovery at “Spliff Street”, Buxton, East Coast Demerara (ECD).

The money and marijuana that were found

About 16:00h on Monday, Police in Regional Division 4C, during an intelligence-led operation, went to “Spliff Street”, where leaves, seeds, and stems suspected to be cannabis were found in a black plastic bag on a bench.
The plastic bag also contained $2010. It was taken to the Vigilance Police Station where the substance was weighed and amounted to 100 grams.
No one has been arrested.
On January 6, also at “Spliff Street”, Police found 138 grams of cannabis on an open plot of land.
Reports are that a party of Policemen conducted a cordon-and-search exercise in the street, during which a black plastic bag containing several transparent Ziplock bags containing cannabis was found in an un-fenced empty plot of land.
No arrest was made for that discovery.
Meanwhile, on January 28, during a raid for ammunition, firearms, stolen articles, and narcotics, a number of tobacco leaves and 19 Ziplock bags of suspected cannabis were found on “Spliff Street”.
The suspected cannabis was weighed and amounted to 48 grams. (G9)