Anti-vaccinated persons come to their senses

Dear Editor,
It is nothing short of remarkable that Guyana has accessed more vaccines, including now, the Pfizer-BioNTech that has now opened the door to our being able to vaccinate children from ages 12 to 18, than all other Caribbean countries.
In fact, it is nothing short of exceptional, that our Government has made it possible for our country to get ahead of the curve and take us to herd immunity.
It is also nothing short of shameful that yet large numbers, almost 30 per cent of our people, are refusing to be vaccinated and organising against mandated requirements for vaccination.
A shutdown of Region 10 is advertised against mandated vaccination.
It is appalling that the Guyana Public Service Union plans to challenge the legality of the lockout of healthcare workers who are not vaccinated.
We have arrived to the point of 600 Guyanese dead from this pandemic, but not a single one who has died was fully vaccinated. No one who has been fully vaccinated has died in our country from this dreaded yet conquerable disease.
Are we blind to the lesson to be learnt from the most prominent anti master, Caleb Wallace, in the US and leader of “Defenders against Mandates” has just died from COVID.
A PNCR parliamentarian is on the verge of losing his life, and others like him, from this pandemic, having refused to be vaccinated.
Those of our people who continue to refuse to be vaccinated must face the fact that they threaten the vaccinated when employed alongside of them, that they threaten the lives of those they sit next to in restaurants, in public transportation and places of entertainment.
In Canada, the unvaccinated cannot use any form of public transportation.
It is time that the anti-vaccinated come to their senses or be made to do so.

Yours sincerely,
Kit Nascimento