APNU/AFC Govt is unable to start any new projects of their own

Dear Editor,
On Sunday, my dear friend David Patterson tagged me in a Facebook post that proudly announced that as an alternative to construction of a Diamond entrance and with the help and cooperation of DDL, Government was able to access lands for a car park, market and a second entrance to Diamond. Patterson further alluded to the PPP Administration sale of land being the reason he could not construct this overpass. I reminded him that Diamond was a PPP project and commended him for the cosmetic improvement; in return, David replied “Thanks for reminding everyone that this was a PPP project. It takes a special type of idiot, to take an absolutely empty area of land (it was a cane field beforehand), and develop it into a housing scheme to accommodate over 60,000 persons with only one single lane access road….these idiots decided to ‘double down on their master plan’, so they also opened up Grove, right next door, adding another 20,000 persons to the same single lane access road”. Of course, David failed to mention that the plan and financing for the Diamond to Ogle bypass road greeted him on his desk on assumption to office.
This is the choice facing the electorate in a nutshell. Do you want a PPP/C Government who helps to house 80,000 people, and who have made plans and secured financing for new roads and for widening existing roads? Or do you want an APNU/AFC Government of elitist talkers who have so far been unable to complete any of the projects inherited; unable to start any of the new projects already tabled and financed; have been unable to conceive any new projects of their own, and would clearly be unable to move a project from conception to execution in timely manner. The Diamond-Ogle road project has been redesigned and tinkered with endlessly to the frustration of the nation.
The PPP/C added over 90,000 housing units in 23 years (Auditor General’s reports) an average of 3900 units per year, despite starting with empty cane fields. APNU/AFC, in contrast, met a booming and experienced construction sector, partially constructed housing schemes and dismally failed to deliver even 390 house lots (much less homes) in three and a half years. They have, however, written many and threatened to seize lots already paid for because of sloth in construction. A caring lot, this cabal!
We all know about or have that co-worker who waits until all the work is done to grab the file, change one word and then whisk it away and delivers it to the boss. APNU/AFC operates very much in that mode. Words of advice from Indira Gandhi to David would not be amiss “There are two kinds of people, those who do the work and those who take the credit. Try to be in the first group; there is less competition there”.

Robin Singh