Are the Police ready to play ball and curb the noise nuisance?

Dear Editor,
The summer season in North America is famous for beaches, baseball and bar-b-que. The 4th of July in the United States of America, like the 1st July in Canada, are national holidays and being summer, people flock at the sea sides or the parks and also have neighborhood and backyard picnics and parties. To accompany the fun, there are parades, concerts, fairs, carnival and of course, fireworks. In the heat (literally) of the moment, enjoyable music (not mundane), is an integral part of the outings and celebrations and the overall noise level is expected to increase. In Guyana, we incur many such opportunities because of our numerous holidays and also, we tend to capitalise on an all-year summer season, whether its rainy or sunny.
But in such disciplined overseas societies of which, Guyanese and other West Indians form a cohesive and composed component, there is a regulatory control over enthusiasm. What is evidently demonstrated is, the obvious regard for the law and people within the neighborhood. As such, people are naturally time conscious and respect the required regulations which imply, lowering or cutting off the music at the stipulated time in order not to disturb the peace and quiet of society. They clean up and dispose of all the garbage and quietly avoid any noise and environmental pollution. The thought of being obscene by urinating in the public, would not cross their minds. The Diaspora’s sense of orderliness can be overwhelmingly overpowering and there is a dire need for such sensitivity to be ingrained at home.
The very Guyanese who leave our shores are conscious of the requisites of decency and integrity and adopt and abide by the limitations of rules and regulations. Whether rooted from a cultural school or inherited from an ancestral upbringing or adopted from a birthed system, the display of class by such mass is a necessary content for Guyana’s context. But sad to say, many Guyanese at home are abhorrent to such expected civility or requirement. They prefer to be repugnant and antagonise the very neighbors who may be their friends or families. Their consciences are clandestine with unreasonableness and their behavioral pattern become clouded with obsession and absurdity which would induce any observer to want to formulate a man or animal inquiry.
The guilty ones indulge in playing loud, ludicrous and licentious music at their homes or in cars or buses, or in the public, beefed up by high tech, amplified musical systems enough to reverberate and rock an entire street or village as the case may be. This occurrence prevails in the morning, noon and night. There is no mercy for the tender ear drums and the question of morality becomes a mortality. The listening pleasure of lyrical purity and the sound of musical harmony is overshadowed with tasteless and choiceless vulnerability.
Those submerged under musical imperfection and fail to emerge in the finesse of decorum, are unfortunately, already buried in the graveyard of barbaric savagery and will accrue excruciating pain in dissevering the significance of good over bad. Self-interest consumes their personality and functionality whether influenced by power or wealth, or a questionable literacy level, or a total disregard for the welfare of others, or, are on cloud 9 intoxicated by alcohol or drugs or both. Those affected may be the sick, senior citizens, babies, students or employees who may have to go to work next morning.
This ghastly display of perhaps a disguised complex or a coloured deficiency, is a sure sign of a sick society, fed by unfettered discipline, fueled by the freedom of lawlessness and furnished with the help of authoritative agencies. Despite law enforcement being established and exercised, its execution summons room to accommodate efficiency and effectiveness. Many officers perform exceptionally well and go beyond the call of duty and should be congratulated for their dedication towards their duties and services. On the other hand, many fail to represent the distinction of honoring such a privileged uniform.
There are too many documented cases of officers loaning their weapons and uniforms to be used for illegal purposes by transgressors and also themselves engaged in criminal activities. Many are convicted of bribery, corruption and cover ups. It’s an open secret that this plague has had devastating effects on society and as a result, many innocent victims suffer wrongly while the guilty escape unscathed as a result of police malfeasance, police failing to be proactive or police not responding timely. The process of ‘leff or right’ provides the guarantee of a weekly “box-hand” of eye raising amount and the habit of collecting a weekly pay off ensures an untouchable monthly pay package.
Noise nuisance continues to be a monstrous menace throughout Guyana and recent editorials and letter writers have again painstakingly implored all the relevant authorities to address this parasite which keeps feeding on the patience of society. The operation of bars in residential areas is a crucial matter. The traffic hazard posed by parking cars on narrow streets by customers is a nigh mare. Bars functioning until the wee hours of 5 AM in the morning is astonishingly unforgivable and the Ministry of Home Affairs need to clarify or confirm their opening and closing hours. The problem of patrons from bars urinating in the public and also on residents’ properties and exposing themselves, need to be harnessed and curtailed. Hot dog stands selling food in localities during all hours of the night where customers gather, eat and discard their garbage in the streets is an unacceptable and disgusting issue.
There is an urgent and pressing need for the Honorable Minister of Legal Affairs, Mr Anil Nandlall to allay the fears of the nation by discussing these damaging, dangerous and devious issues on his weekly program, “Issues In The News.” Since the PPP/C Government took office in 2020, there has been many changes and shake ups. Many honest officers have pledged to uphold the law and work diligently in the interest of the state and people. Many have shamed the Agency they hide within and there is need for more sanitation. President Ali is always on the lookout for more ‘few good men’ to join in the fight of crime and corruption. It is time the Police step up to the plate and answer the call to resolve the issue of noise nuisance on the road and in the community. They will be helping the President to preserve a clean, consoling and cooperative national community. Are the Police ready to play ball and curb the noise nuisance?

Yours respectfully,
Jai Lall