Are you God?

Dear Editor,
How can only one man be right and the rest of the entire world be wrong?
The perplexed and complexed political situation lacks any merit to rationalise the analysis for any long drawn out, meticulous or laborious conversation, consideration, debate, discussion, investigation, enquiry or examination that will only infuriate an already inflammable election result issue that hangs in limbo.
For the simple and innocent mind, don’t ever allow yourself to be influenced by the temptation of being drawn into an argument pertaining to this fiasco that represents a travesty riddled with farce that has no room to escape but closely squished with square pegs in a round hole and going around in a circle, not knowing the head from the tail.
The global audience has seen, heard and read enough to know that this is synonymous to throwing precious water on a duck’s back! With the passing of each valuable day, it is heartening and of some degree of consolation that more and more supporters, national and international, are voicing their dissent with the caretaker President, a chosen few  APNU/AFC members and the GECOM renegades with the bogus report; calling on the Charge D’Affaires to concede; calling on the CEO for GECOM to retract his inaccurate report; calling on Guyana’s caretaker to allow law and order to take its course and allow the PPP/C to be sworn in to Government. Guyana continues to be patient and respectfully awaits the outcome of the appeal case that is in the hands of the learned CCJ Judges.
Everyone needs a break from this madness and so I close with a simple question. If the whole world is wrong and only you are right Mr Deceiver, are you God?

Jai Lall