Atlantic Gardens resident is Guyana’s newest lawyer

…aims to focus on corporate, environmental laws

After graduating with honours from the Hugh Wooding Law School this year, 25-year-old Meenakshi Arti Outar is one of the country’s newest lawyers, as she was admitted to practice law in Guyana, at the Demerara High Court on Monday.

Newest Attorney-at-Law Meenakshi Arti Outar (centre) shares a photo with Justice Diane Insanally (left) and Attorney-at-Law Pratesh Satram (right) after Outar’s admittance to the Bar

Outar’s petition was presented by Attorney-at-Law Pratesh Satram in the courtroom of High Court Judge, Justice Diane Insanally.
During the brief proceedings, Outar was advised to always seek guidance from stalwarts in the profession while always keeping abreast with and upholding the laws of Guyana, in order to have a striving career.
During a brief interview with Guyana Times, an enthusiastic Outar expounded that her present achievement was a life-long dream. The young woman who hails from Atlantic Gardens, East Coast Demerara (ECD) highlighted that she has a deep interest in both company and environmental law especially since there is a lack of attention to such specifics, but with such interest, Outar seeks to journey towards becoming one of Guyana’s top lawyers.
“So becoming a lawyer has always been something that I dreamed of as a little child; at 16 I didn’t feel like that I was ready to embark on this legal journey so I pursued a bachelor’s degree in environmental studies; while pursuing that degree I developed a passion for the environment and I saw that Guyana especially and the Caribbean Region, we lacked great development in environmental policies. So I wish to pursue a career path along that line, my passion is with company law and environmental law,” she explained.
Outar noted that the journey through law school was challenging, and she was proud to have overcome every obstacle.
“This journey has been very challenging – the many sleepless nights, the moments where I felt like I could not have done it, but with the constant support of my friends, and my family I made it and I’m here today. It hasn’t really registered as yet that I’m an Attorney-at-Law, but I feel happy and proud of myself to have completed this journey.”