Attacks on the Judiciary, officers and female attorneys condemned

Dear Editor,
The Guyana Association of Women Lawyers (GAWL) strongly condemns attacks on the Judiciary, judicial officers and female attorneys-at-law.
GAWL’s focus is premised on its motto “Women Supporting Justice and Equality” and not on political issues. However, we feel compelled to address these attacks which have not gone unnoticed. Those attacks have since escalated, stemming from recent matters adjudicated by the courts which relate to Guyana’s General and Regional Elections.
GAWL takes this opportunity to remind members of the public that these persons are carrying out their functions in accordance with the offices held and in the execution of their professional duties. Consequently, the making of disparaging remarks and attacks, personal or otherwise, have the potential for making these persons and offices subject to ridicule, engendering disdain and, also may cause a weakening of public confidence in the judicial system. It has been observed that statements made were disingenuous, malicious and on occasions ethnically motivated. These statements have been published, uttered and communicated through various platforms, and have specifically targeted female attorneys-at-law and judicial officers in the due exercise of their duty.
The GAWL unreservedly denounces these attacks and asks that persons cease from peddling, broadcasting, transmitting or in any way disseminating such information that on the face of it bring the Judiciary and legal officers into odium.
While there is free speech, such expressions must be within the parameters of the law and must not be unfounded or baseless. The rule of law is the backbone of our society and by extension, those, who in the exercise of their duty try to maintain it, should at all times be respected.
The Association is also mindful of reported verbal attacks on female police officers while in the execution of their lawful duties. In a similar vein, GAWL condemns these unfortunate occurrences and urges restraint and respect for police officers as they execute their lawful duties. Respect must at all times guide the interaction of citizens with all persons including and especially those who are required to execute their designated and lawful functions.
The GAWL urges all persons to be prudent and respectful to the Judiciary and judicial officers, and all other professionals who are functioning in the course of duty, when making statements, utterances or issuing words in the expression of their views and opinions.

Guyana Association of
Women Lawyers