Badly decomposed body of 97-year-old discovered on trail at Perseverance Backdam, NWD

The body of 97-year-old Ruby Williams was discovered, on Sunday, after a flock of vultures were seen feeding on it at Perseverance Backdam, North West District, Region One (Barima-Waini).

Investigations have so far revealed that Williams refused to stay with relatives and instead chose to live alone in a camp at Perseverance Backdam.

On June 10, about 14:00h, she was seen walking alone in the direction of her camp but on Sunday at about 13:00h, a 69-year-old discovered her badly decomposed body.

A report was later made to the police via cellphone. The facial tissues and other parts of William’s body were eaten by vultures making it impossible for investigators to determine whether it bore any marks of violence or not.

Based on the advanced state of decomposition and the damage done by vultures the body, it could not be transported. A grave was dug and the body buried for possible exhumation.