Banks DIH boosts ‘Green Machine’ ahead of RAN South Zone Cup Final

By Timothy Jaikarran

In the RAN South Zone Cup Final, the Guyana Senior Men’s Rugby Team will be battling for supremacy against Guadeloupe this Saturday at 15:30 hrs at the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) Ground.
At a simple ceremony held at the Banks DIH Headquarters at Thirst Park, President of the Guyana Rugby Football Union (GRFU), Peter Greene, declared himself grateful to the beverage giants for coming on board and supporting the Green Machine.

Jamal Angus

He also said that, because of the inclement weather, the GDF ground is currently flooded; and if the weather persists, the GRFU has in place measures to relocate the match to the National Park.
Greene reiterated that, in terms of preparation, everything is set for the grand showdown, since the team has been training arduously following its humiliating defeat to the Cayman Islands. Moreover, he said that the Green Machine has lost the last five games it has played.
Green also said team members have assured him that they will not be taking their current matchup lightly, and will be looking to emerge victorious.
Speaking on behalf of Banks DIH, Communications Manager Troy Peters said, “We are extremely pleased to be partnering once again with the GRFU for this clash between Guyana and Guadeloupe. We’ve stuck thick and thin with rugby over the years; we’ve anticipated that the Guyana team will do well on Saturday, as we look forward to success from the team. We look forward to a very competitive match, as we are urging the supporters to come out.”
Guyana captain Jamal Angus further stated, “In preparation for the match against Guadeloupe, we have settled down on more of a structured and patterned type of play. In the past, we have played more free flow, individual rugby, which hasn’t worked for us in the past few years. We’ve stuck to a pattern and tried to get it working, as we’ve involved every player, so it may become a part of them when we hit the field on Saturday.
“The pattern is fairly simple, and leaves a lot of room for change and improvisation during the game, so I think (that) if we stick to our plan, we will be victorious.”
Coordinator of the upcoming match, Terrence Grant, related that Guyana has not played Guadeloupe since 1999, therefore the team barely knows anything about the Guadeloupe style of play, since that country has been away from Caribbean Rugby for a lengthy period.
Grant noted that, despite the setback, it is known that the French’s style of play has always been from the forwards, a move Guyana has to immobilise if they are to sit in the winner’s row at the end of the encounter.
The winner of this encounter will play Bermuda for the overall championship honours as well as the right to play the loser of the Mexico versus Cayman Islands showdown in the latter half of the year.
This will allow the victorious team promotion into the Americas Challenge Championships. Should Guyana defeat Guadeloupe, they will host North Zone winners Bermuda, who have defeated Jamaica 43-14 at home.