Banks DIH honours NGSA top students

Banks DIH Limited has honoured 24 National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) students, whose parents are employees and shareholders with the company. The simple ceremony was held at the sports club of Thirst Park, Georgetown on Saturday.
The children were all seated with their faces agleam with excitement and their proud parents besides them.
Banks DIH communications manager Troy Peters disclosed during the ceremony that the bursary awards are an important event on the company’s calendar of activities since it demonstrates the commitment to the educational development of their shareholders and employees children.

The bursary awardees along with Banks DIH Ltd officals at the Award ceremony
The bursary awardees along with Banks DIH Ltd officals at the Award ceremony

Peters told the children that they are being rewarded for the sacrifices they have made but also pointed out that this is just another stage of their educational pursuit. He encouraged them to keep climbing the ladder of success.
He further added that Banks DIH recognises the sacrifices and dedication of parents and guardians, teachers and all the other persons who have contributed to the success of the awardees.

Delivering the feature address was engineering executive of Banks DIH Gavin Todd, who was once an awardee himself and a recipient of a D’ Aguiar scholarship in 1989. He urged the students to continue striving for success: “Today Banks DIH Limited is joining with your loved ones saying thanks to you for showing us your potential strengths and potentials. We honour you with bursaries which will, among other things, assist you in secondary school over the next five years. We assemble so that we can reflect on your performances and importantly encourage you to think or even dream of much more successes.”
He challenged the students who felt they could have got more out of their efforts but did not, to prove themselves and when the next opportunity presents itself. He noted that the success will be “sweeter”.
“All of your next big date five years from now will go a far way towards shaping your future and that is why I am telling you today that the start is now. Go into that mould from which you will emerge with more success.” Todd encouraged.
He further explained that Secondary School life will be a mixture of much fun and lasting memories but it must be punctuated with very serious work.