BCB receives major sponsorship deals from Dr Puran Singh and Dr Tulsi Dyal Singh

Dr Puran Singh and BCB President Hilbert Foster

The Berbice Cricket Board (BCB) has started the year with two major sponsorship deals with Dr Puran Singh renewing his sponsorship for the National Players scheme and Dr Tulsi Dyal Singh had renewed his countrywide sponsorship, pumping $2.3M into the development of Berbice cricket.
On the first day of 2023, the BCB was informed that long time sponsor, Dr Puran Singh has renewed his sponsorship of the National Players Financial Scheme. Dr Puran Singh, a Berbician by birth is based in Barbados and has been supporting the BCB over the last four years in its cricket development programme.
Under the scheme, all youths who made a national team at the under 13, 15, 17 and 19 levels along with senior females would receive a stipend of ten thousands dollars to assist them in their preparation for national duties. Last year, a record fifty Berbicians including seniors represented Guyana or the West Indies at all levels as the ancient county continues to produce players of a very high standard via a series of developmental programmes.

Dr Tulsi Dyal Singh

BCB President Hilbert Foster expressed delight that Dr Singh has renewed his support for the scheme, which is one of the several programmes that encourages youths in the county to excel on the cricket field. Foster noted that the BCB was targeting a total of about thirty six youths at all levels for the national teams .The active BCB in 2023 hopes to build on the successes of 2022 and would be investing heavily in the development of new talents for clubs clubs via a robust primary and secondary school cricket programme that would include coaching and tournaments.The board would also be working overtime to obtain several crucial equipment for the effort including several bowling machines which would be placed across the county in an effort to assist in the development of batsmen and the way they play fast bowling. Twenty clubs across the county has already received practice nets towards the proper organising of practice sessions.
They have also receive cricket balls, Youth Information Booklets, gears and coaching manuals to assist them in the youth development programme. The BCB also assists with educational grants and cycles to assist youths to complete their educational careers. Foster also disclosed that one of the main aim of the BCB in 2023 is the construction of four outdoor concrete batting strips ,one in each of the zones in the county- West Berbice, New Amsterdam/Canje, Lower Corentyne and Upper Corentyne.As part of the comprehensive programme to lift the county cricket higher, the BCB is also working with Dr Frank Denbow to organise a tour to a Caribbean Island in April for a Berbice Under-21 team.
It would be the first tour by the BCB in over forty years and the main objective is to encourage players to continue playing the game after the under 19 level.
Dr Puran Singh stated that he was delighted to be associated with the BCB once again as he was very impressed with the standard of Berbice cricket and the visionary leadership been provided by the executives under the leadership of Hilbert Foster.
Dr Tulsi Dyal Singh renews sponsorship of Berbice Cricket- to pump $2.3M into the county for 2023. Bowling machines for developmental programme.
The plans of the Berbice Cricket Board for the development of cricket in the ancient county for 2023 on Monday last received a major boost when long time sponsor, Dr Tulsi Dyal Singh renewed his sponsorship.
Dr Tulsi Singh, a highly respected medical doctor based in Texas, USA has been supporting the Hilbert Foster led board since 2018 and has invested millions of dollars into a county wide coaching programme and assisting the county with a wide range of items including water pitchers, grass cutters, pitch covers and sponsored the restoration of the BCB Office in 2019.
Foster who led the BCB discussion with Dr Tulsi Singh disclosed that the 2023 sponsorship covers three major sections that includes tournaments, bowling machines and cricket academies. The deal would see Dr Singh sponsoring two days tournaments for four sub zones at the under 15 and under 19 levels . The major objectives are to get youth cricketers to play the longer version of the game and to get youths to developed concentration at the crease .At the end of the two tournaments, the Berbice selectors would select a twenty man squad for a special three day coaching programme .
The second part of the multi million sponsorship would involve the purchasing of two bowling machine for the BCB Coaching programme. The machines were specially requested by the BCB nineteen members coaching staff during one of their meeting with Foster. The two machines would be obtained at the cost of about eight hundred thousand dollars.
The main objective is to work on the ability of Berbice young batsmen to play fast bowling. The BCB hopes to acquire at least two more bowling machines , so that every sub zones would have one for their own internal coaching programmes. The ancient county is also expected to collect a large amount of bowling machines from a friend of Berbice cricket, Australian Matt Bruer later this year.
The final part of the cricket sponsorship covers expenses for the hosting of mini academies in West Berbice, New Amsterdam/Canje, Lower Corentyne and Upper Corentyne. The four mini academies would be held in July/August and would cater for a combined one hundred and eighty youths between the age of nine to eighteen years old. A panel of coaches headed by level three coach Winston Smith would conduct the academies that would be held over two days in each sub zone.
BCB President Hilbert Foster expressed thanks to the sponsor for his continued investment in the county cricket development. The year 2023, he stated would see unmatched development in the game especially at the youth level as the pro active board strives to unearthed new talents for the future. The support of Dr Tulsi Singh would allow the BCB to successfully complete its comprehensive youth developmental programme which includes regular coaching at the club and school levels, youth tournaments, obtaining all the necessary equipment and providing youths with gears and all the necessary cricket educational materials.
Dr Tulsi Singh, stated that he was very impressed with the development currently taking place in the county and was delighted to assist. The long time sponsor also committed to assisting in the future.