Bent Street, Back Circle call for support ahead of Legendary Cup final

Rock Auto Trans’ Yolanda Ross is flanked by Bent Street’s Colin Nelson and Back Circle’s Selwyn Williams on the bikes that will be given away on Saturday
Bent Street’s Captain Colin Nelson

The National Gymnasium is set to come alive when ‘old heads’ in the Futsal business, Back Circle and Bent Street, clash in the Rock Auto Trans and Spares Parts ‘Legendary Cup’ Futsal final.
On the backs of lopsided victories over Sparta Boss (5-1) and Tiger Bay (7-2) in last Saturday’s semifinals, Back Circle and Bent Street are set for a monumental showdown come this Saturday, February 25, 2023, in a bid to walk away with half a million.
In a pre-game press conference on Wednesday, the battle lines were drawn between the two teams, whose representatives, Colin Nelson and Selwyn Williams, both called for fan support.

Back Circle’s Captain Selwyn Williams

“Bent Street is usually a confident team. I mean, it’s not a strange environment for us going into this final. I think the guys are usually their confident self, ready to go and ready to give their all,” Bent Street Captain Colin Nelson shared.
Nelson further stated, on the need for support, “I want to encourage the supporters, the fans, to come out and support in their numbers. It’s a festive time here in Guyana, as we’re getting ready to celebrate our Mashramani. Football has been a part of the culture, and it should be a festivity as well. So, come out Saturday and enjoy.”
Meanwhile, Back Circle skipper Selwyn Williams said, “First and foremost, I gotta say I need support there on Saturday. I need everybody to come out and support Back Circle; who supporting Bent Street to come out and support Bent Street.
“We look forward to a clean and competitive match, and for the referees to give us a good game. I overheard that Colin Nelson has been approved to compete in Saturday’s finals along with Mr Ryan Hackett, so they’re shopping right now to come and compete against Back Circle,” Williams added in some playful banter.
Meanwhile, the sponsors have expressed satisfaction with the tournament thus far, and have signalled a commitment to another installment in 2024. This was communicated by Rock Auto Trans’ Managing Director Yolanda Ross.
“Rock Auto Trans and team are very, very happy with the overwhelming response we would have gotten so far from the general public and teams. And now that we’re in the finals, we look forward to Bent Street and Back Circle,” Rock Auto Trans’ Yolanda Ross shared on Wednesday.
Ross went on to add about intentions for a second tournament, “We’re also looking forward for 2024, where we move into our second tournament, and we want to say, ‘May the best team win’.”
Back Circle and Bent Street are vying for a $500,000 grand prize on Saturday February 25, while the loser of the contest will have to settle for $250,000.
Sparta Boss and Tiger Bay will lock horns in the third-place playoff for a chance to clinch $150,000, while the loser pockets $100,000.
Both the tournament’s MVP and a lucky fan will ride away with motorcycles.