Queen’s College becomes 3rd school club under Archery Guyana

Certificate of Affiliation and archery set being presented to Ms Leaska Holder by Mr Hing. Also in photo, Mr Kenrick Cheeks (far left), Mrs Vidushi Persaud-McKinnon (2nd from right) and teacher Mr Mohamed Nassir

Archery Guyana’s Secretary General Mrs. Vidushi Persaud-McKinnon, Head Coach Nicholas Hing and member Kenrick Cheeks on Tuesday, February 21, presented the official Certificate of Affiliation together with a bow and arrow set to QC Archery Club’s President Ms. Leaska Holder in the presence of Queen’s College teacher Sir Mohamed Nassir, other distinguished teachers and some club members, at a simple ceremony at the school.
In January 2023, several Queen’s College students initiated the process of launching their archery club, and began initial training at School of the Nations, which welcomed them to join during their practice sessions. Mr. Cheeks, who is the Physical Education teacher there, has been conducting the practice sessions under the guidance of Archery Guyana, and was also instrumental in encouraging the QC students to join in the sport.
This is yet another milestone in Archery Guyana’s vision of growing the sport in the schools.

Group photo with Queen’s College Archery Club and Archery Guyana officials

Secretary-General Mrs. Vidushi Persaud-McKinnon, in her opening remarks, opined that she was pleased to see a forward step, since her batchmates, the alumni from the Class of 90-95, in collaboration with Archery Guyana, had the honour of introducing a novel sport into Queen’s College at the 175th anniversary on the fields in November 2019.
Against this background, on behalf of Archery Guyana, Mrs. Persaud-McKinnon expressed delight in giving the current students the opportunity to partake, and perhaps be future Olympians! In fact, she went on to indicate that anyone can participate and excel in this safe sport, which builds discipline, character, self-esteem and confidence. It improves health, fitness, focus, motor control, learning skills, and opens opportunities in an Olympic-style sport.
Mrs. Persaud-McKinnon urged the students gathered to take this opportunity seriously, and indicated her confidence that sitting in this audience are Guyana’s future Olympians, both male and female.
She declared, “Remember, Great moments are born from great opportunity!”
Remarks were also made by Head Coach Nicholas Hing and by Kenrick Cheeks. Mr. Hing informed the gathering that Archery Guyana is committed to providing the necessary training for instructors and certified coaches and judges, both junior and senior. With this in mind, Archery Guyana sees archery as an additional event at school sports; inter-house, inter-schools and Nationals, thereby fostering a competitive spirit among students and the camaraderie that archery is internationally known for.
The vote of thanks was delivered by Ms. Athea Allicock on behalf of the newly affiliated Queen’s College Archery Club.