Body of bus driver recovered from Linden blue lake

The body of 25-year-old Eusi Lindo was recovered from a blue lake at Richmond Hill, Mackenzie, Linden, a day after he went missing following an outing with friends.

The lake from which the man’s body was recovered

The body of the minibus driver of Tenth Street, Cummings Lodge, was found at about 17:34h on Friday by a diver, who was contracted by the relatives to conduct a search. Police said the body of the deceased was examined and no marks of violence observed. His body was escorted to the Linden Hospital Complex and later transported to the pensioners’ funeral parlour. Police said a post-mortem examination is expected to be conducted soon.
Reports are that Lindo, along with his girlfriend and a busload of persons, travelled to the town to visit the “blue lakes” – a popular tourist attraction.
The friends reportedly ventured to the lake in the vicinity of Richmond Hill, Mackenzie, which stretches to the Kara Kara area.

Dead: Eusi Lindo

The man and his girlfriend reportedly ventured into one of the lakes until the water reached their shoulders. The missing man’s partner said she turned away for a moment and suddenly heard “splashing sounds”.
She explained that she saw her boyfriend splashing in the water and thought he was playing.
The woman further related that Lindo grabbed onto her, and they both went under the water. However, she managed to swim to shore, but her boyfriend never surfaced.
Regional Commander, Superintendent Hugh Winter said the Police visited the scene, but they were not equipped to dive into the lake to search for the man.
He noted, however, that the man’s friends were taken into custody for questioning. (G13)