Brazil donates HIV drugs to Health Ministry

The Health Ministry on Friday received a quantity of antiretroviral drugs (ARVs) donated by the Government of Brazil.
Minister Dr Frank Anthony said he was grateful that the neighbouring country responded to Guyana’s request for assistance. “A big thank you to Brazil for stepping forward and assisting us with this much-needed ARVs … We’ve all been following the challenges that COVID has posed to all countries around the world…There has been restrictions and disruption in the logistics [of] supplies of medicines and other pharmaceuticals,” he was quoted by the Department of Public Information as saying.
Dr Anthony said this can easily disrupt programmes such as the HIV response programme, that positively impact people’s lives. He told the Brazilian officials that he looks forward to strengthened collaboration between the two countries’ Health Ministries.
Brazil’s Ambassador, Maria Clara Duclos Carisio, expressed similar sentiments. She said she looks forward to the continued partnership, especially as the pandemic prevails, and given the closeness of the countries’ borders. She also anticipates strengthened cooperation in the fight against HIV/AIDS.
Meanwhile, Pan American Health Organisation/World Health Organisation (PAHO/WHO) Representative Dr Luis Felipe Codina said the simple presentation was an excellent demonstration of the cooperation between the two countries. He said the partnership is a typical model of South-South cooperation.
Brazil Deputy Head of Mission, Minister Paulo Eduardo Borda Silos; Programme Manager, National Aids Programme Secretariat, Dr Tariq Jagnarine and representatives of the Ministries of Health and Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation also attended the ceremony.