British rider seeking to stamp authority at South Dakota

Caribbean Motor Racing Championship…

The days are swiftly approaching for the final leg of the Caribbean Motor Racing Championship (CMRC) final leg at South Dakota Circuit on November 13 and Mohammed’s Enterprise has fueled the expected action pack event by bringing two riders.truelove

English based Rider Matt Truelove, who arrived in Guyana on Friday, spoke to the media operatives yesterday stating that he is looking to be top rider on Sunday.

“I’m not coming here to finish second, I’m coming here to win so that’s what I am going to do,” Truelove stated.

The semi- professional rider, who will be riding a Yamaha R6 believes that it will not be ‘smooth sailing’ come race day but is prepared for the battle that will come.

Asked about the track, he responded, “, it looks like quite a lot of breaking, and accelerating and trying to get the bike in the right place on the exit. So we’ll probably try today to get my head around the track a bit and see what times I can do and build from there.”

“It’s quite wide so it’s not what I was expecting but it should be good. (In terms of difference) In the UK, the tracks are looked after better, with a few more corners and quite bigger, normally a lot longer but the corners are the same, quite flowing and leading into each other.”

While the rider expressed confidence of doing, we he is cognizant of the heat factor but stated, he will find a way to still be competitive.

American Bryce Prince is the other rider on the team and is expecting to arrive in Guyana today.

Both riders will be at the track today doing their test drives and the public is invited to the crack.