…international protocols
Maduro’s at it again. The fella just doesn’t know when to stop, does he? After rejecting the World Court’s jurisdiction to decide on the merits of their concocted controversy over our border – which had been settled in 1899’s “full and final” Arbitral Award – he’s had to be dragged kicking and screaming by the international institution to have him accept basic international law. In the meantime, he’s been dragging one red herring after another across the trail to the Hague!!
Last week it was an objection to our acceptance of bids for exploring additional oil blocks within our Atlantic waters – as demarcated by the International Law of the Seas. Institutions from the UN, OAS, Commonwealth and Caricom to states like the US condemned his impertinence in sticking his thumb at the international order. This week, he came up with another doozy – which completely ignored the history of the prescribed steps taken to address their controversy – all adumbrated in the Geneva Agreement they signed in 1966.
First, there was gonna be a “Mixed Commission” of representatives from both countries for four years to understand Venezuela’s assumptions. These series of direct talks lasted for four years, when the Commission lapsed and Burnham and the Venezuelan President signed the “Protocol of Port of Spain” that mandated a 12-year Moratorium on the matter. When that was exhausted in 1983, they agreed for a Caricom “good office” nominee to mediate on the matter. No flexing by the Venezies. We then moved to the UN good offices to try their luck.
To continue in detail would tax the patience of even Job, much less your Eyewitness! So, let’s fast forward to the present, where – all in accordance to the Geneva Agreement – we requested that the US Secty General move the controversy to the World Court. It’d dealt with several border issues since its formation. The first issue was jurisdictional, and it was accepted by the Court’s eminent global judicial panel that, indeed, it had!! Strike one against Maduro. The Court then took evidence on the matter, and Venezuela chose to sulk on the sideline – with constant shipping for good measure.
The red herring du jour is Maduro now saying he wants “direct talks”. Hey…there were direct talks for decades on either side of the moratorium!! Did that change anything with the Venezuelan gripe that they “wuz robbed” by perfidious Albion (Britain)?? The problem for us up to now is that – because of their own interests – the UK and US supported Venezuela’s moves back in the day. Today we’ve got the opportunity to have the matter settled once and for all by a body without any axes to grind.
No talks…no diversions. Let the World Court decide!!

You could’ve knocked your Eyewitness over with a feather when he got the news that PNC executive member Van West-Charles has been nominated to be the PPP Government’s ambassador to Venezuela!! Ain’t that something??!! After all, he ain’t just any PNC executive – but PNC FOUNDER LEADER FORBES BURNHAM’S SON-IN-LAW!!! Back in the day, when he married Burnham’s daughter Roxanne, he became a doctor trained in Cuba, and on his return was quickly made Minister of Health!! He was dubbed “Baby Jesus”, since his father-in-law Burnham could walk on water!!
Anyhow, after Burnham passed on at the GPHC operating theatre – in the presence of Van West-Charles – he was removed from the scene – as were all the other Burnhamites – by Hoyte. He was exiled with a sinecure at PAHO!! Recently, Van West has tried manfully to re-enter politics on his own (strength?) and on his  father-in-law’s name. He’s been consigned to the margins  – until now.
But, of course, he’ll be dubbed a “sellout” by the PNC!!

One Reg 9 PNC official sourly complained that the CPL Providence crowd was mostly “East Indians”!! Jeez!! Has he even attended football or hockey matches?? Has he ever commented on the makeup of their crowds??
Hey…different sports for different folks!!