Call for investigation of UG promotions

Dear Editor,
It was shocking to learn – reading Freddie Kissoon’s columns – that UG lecturer Dr. Melissa Ifill supported electoral fraud. Freddie, in several columns, claimed that Ifill urged Granger to reject the outcome of the election and the calls by the international community for the regime to accept the will of the voters. She was not quiet on the election, not hiding her preference for the coalition, as was the case of Paloma Mohamed and Emanuel Cummings. She was an advocate for the rigging regime and for electoral fraud, said Freddie.
Shockingly, instead of being disciplined by the UG Board or the VC of UG, Ifill was promoted by Paloma Mohamed- Martin from lecturer to Professor, and also made deputy Vice-Chancellor.
Cummings was chair of the committee that made Paloma the VC last June, during the period of the rigging. Cummings was also rewarded with appointment as Professor and Deputy VC. There were several accomplished scholars, with many peer-reviewed publications above and beyond the other two, who were not promoted to professorship. It is scandalous. Should there not be an investigation of the promotions and appointments?

Yours truly,
Ajit Persaud