Captain missing, 4 injured in boat collision

The damaged boat that was involved in the collision on the Essequibo River

A boat captain is feared dead after he went missing following a boat collision in the Essequibo River. Four other persons were injured in the accident which occurred at about 19:15h on Saturday between a Bartica Public Hospital boat ambulance and a passenger boat, which had seven persons onboard.
Reports are that the boat ambulance was proceeding from Parika to Bartica along the Essequibo River while the passenger boat was travelling from Bartica en route to Parika.
While in the vicinity of Stampa Point, the two boats collided, causing four of the passengers to receive injuries, and the captain of the vessel fell into the river. He has not been seen since and a search party has been launched.
The injured passengers were rushed to the Bartica Public Hospital.
Meanwhile, on Sunday, Regional Commander Dion Moore told the media that a team which is comprised of Police ranks, an officer from the Maritime Administration Department (MARAD) and an official from the Bartica Speedboat Association had ventured out to the scene to conduct further investigations.
More than two weeks ago a boat captain died after the boat he was operating collided with a wharf in the Berbice River.
He was identified as 49-year-old James Bender of Sand Hills, Berbice River. The accident occurred at Kimbia, Berbice River, Region 10 (Upper Demerara-Berbice).
Reports are a villager who was in the boat at the time of the accident requested to operate the boat since Bender was under the influence of alcohol, but Bender refused, saying that he did want anyone to operate his boat.
He [the villager] said while travelling in the Kimbia area they ended up crashing into a wharf and Bender fell out of the boat.
He immediately went and took control of the boat and began checking for the captain, but he was nowhere around. His body washed ashore the following day. (G9)