CDC to provide support for persons affected by COVID-19

As Guyana continues to battle with the deadly novel coronavirus (COVID-19), the Civil Defence Commission (CDC) through the National Emergency Operation Centre (NEOC) has announced that it will be embarking on a national mobilisation of resources which will support vulnerable persons and communities during this period.

Director General of the CDC, Lieutenant Colonel Kester Craig

Last Saturday the CDC offered to deliver items which were sent by persons to their relatives in quarantine at no cost.
Persons who were desirous of sending items to their relatives in institutional quarantine or isolation were asked to do so through the Civil Defence Commission (CDC) Headquarters located at Thomas Lands, Thomas Road, Georgetown.
This is due to the high risk of exposure to families and friends of persons in institutional quarantine or isolation.
Nevertheless, NEOC, which was activated on March 31, 2020, said that they aim to ensure the highest level of collaboration among all stakeholders to further prevent the spread of the disease, enhance preparation and strengthen the local response to this global pandemic.
In a release, Director General of the CDC, Lieutenant Colonel Kester Craig said the Commission through the NEOC will be working with all its partners, including the Private Sector, to ensure that adequate relief items including masks, hygiene products, and food supplies are mobilised to assist those in need.
“We are working to ensure that these supplies are available to the citizens who are directly impacted by the measures implemented to help the fight against the COVID-19. The Commission, before this, had already stockpiled supplies and we continued to work with our partners of the NEOC including the Ministry of Communities, Food for the Poor, the Private Sector Commission, United Nations, the National Commission on Disabilities Guyana, the National Bureau of Statistics and the Guyana Defence Force. We intend to ensure that every individual who has been affected by these measures, receives the support they need,” he said.
Craig further alluded that the Commission will welcome assistance and donations from any company or individual who is willing to join the cause. The donations, he said, can be made in three categories: food supplies, personal care, and sanitation supplies and financing.
CDC said “companies or persons who wish to donate could do so at the CDC’s headquarters, Thomas Road, Thomas Lands, or make cash or cheque deposits into its Republic Bank account number 962356519938. Food and hygiene supplies can be dropped off at the Thomas Lands location daily between 09:00h and 15:00h”.
Additionally, the Commission stated that systems will be put in place to facilitate the dropping off of supplies in the other administrative regions.
Contact can be made with the Commission on telephone numbers (592) 226-1114, 226-8815 and 226-1027.
Craig noted that the packing of the care packages has begun and the distribution points and dates would be released as soon as they are finalised.