City Constables are harassing drivers

Dear Editor,
David Ramnarine, Acting Commissioner of Police, recently boldly read the ‘Riot Act’ to members of the anti-crime patrol and traffic ranks in relation to corrupt and other unlawful activities.
This was done in the presence of their supervisors, commanders and members of the print and electronic media.
Apparently, the traffic ranks in Georgetown have stopped harassing drivers, demanding and taking away their documents. However, a new group has emerged.
Some members of the Georgetown City Constabulary who are tasked with enforcing traffic laws in the city, particularly around the markets and bus parks have taken up the slack left by the Police ranks. They are harassing drivers and seizing their documents for ulterior motives.
Is there a separate law for the Police ranks and that of members of the City Constabulary in the performance of their duties? What is good for the goose is good for the gander.
Could the Georgetown Town Clerk, Mr Royston King who is head of the City Constabulary, correct the sad state of affairs?

Clinton Conway,
Commissioner of
Police (ret)