Community Development Fund Project closer to reality

The much anticipated Community Development Fund Project (CDFP) orchestrated by the National Sports Commission (NSC) seems to closer to taking effect, as Director of Sport Christopher Jones explained that submissions for the works on the grounds have been received and it is now at the stage of approval.
Jones said “we would have received the submission for the grounds that would have been identified in all the regions; that is what we currently have and that is what is before the tender board and once the tender board has approved, those respective contractors will commence works.”
The concept behind the project is to revamp the aspect of sports at the grassroots level in the Neighbourhood Democratic Councils and Village Councils.

Christopher Jones
Christopher Jones

The project is set to be some $300M annually and the Sports Director was previously reported saying that “$10M is about the minimum that we can spend if we want to achieve the truly multipurpose space which caters for several different disciplines and of course priority is on lights at every one of the locations”.
In his recent interview with Guyana Times Sport he explained because of the hefty sum to be allocated for the developmental work, it would require various procedural requirements.
“The Ministry [Education] would have advised us that because of the sum; previously it was a million dollars and we up to 10 million, so because of the value of the sum, we now have to get three submissions from three contractors and so forth and based on those submissions, the one with the best bid will win the contractual commencement award,” the Director explained.
Only recently at the NSC annual awards, Jones vented that “no longer must athletes who work from 8am to 4:30 pm have to run home to put in work at community centre grounds that lacks the basic facility of lights”; and the initiation of this project will provide athletes now with that opportunity.