Complaining to local authority is a total waste of time

Dear Editor,
I foremost wish to sympathise with Mr Kishore Das and the residents of Nandy Park and Continental Park, East Bank Demerara, concerning the unlawful grazing of cattle in those beautiful neighbourhoods.
Mr Das spoke of the uncouth behaviour of the herd owner and I hereafter confirm the same. In the past, I have had to deal with him on a similar occurrence and the Honorable Chief of Staff – Mr Joe Singh even took it further and had him arrested and charged. I do not know the outcome of the case but what I do know is this cow herder is violent, abusive and careless of the aesthetics of the community.
Complaining to the local authority is a total waste of time. I guarantee you that hundreds of complaints and reports were lodged with that department.
Twenty years ago, I had another similar experience with a gentleman who worked at the said local authority office and who was attending to his cows in his yard just behind my residence. The stench and the chemical he used for sanitising give my entire family and the surrounding neighbours nausea and made us all sick.
Complaints and personal discussions were completely ignored. I contemplated removing my residence to a different location. However, logic told me to seek legal advice. I met my friend, the former Chief Justice – Honorable Ian Chan. He advised me to take legal actions against the cow owner. I then engaged my lawyer who filed the necessary papers in court.
The matter was called before the Honorable Madam Claudette La Bennett. The honourable Judge then ordered the owner of the cows to remove same within two weeks. She was outraged and furious because she had to deal with similar situations.
That was indeed a big relief for the entire community. Today, I am still living in the same house in Republic Park. I urge Mr Das and his neighbours to do the same as I hope you will find relief soon.

Yours truly,
Nazar Mohamed