Cop accused of stealing money from man he was about to arrest

A rank of the Guyana Police Force (GPF) attached to B Division (Berbice) is now under investigation after he allegedly stole money from a house at which he went to make an arrest.
Reports indicate that the incident occurred on February 25, 2017 at a Lot 39 Stanleytown, Berbice home. The home is reportedly the dwelling of Tyrone Griffith, who was at the time being arrested.
It is understood that after Griffith – who was in the process of being arrested – accused the specific officer, the other ranks who had accompanied him [the accused officer] reportedly left without completing the arrest.
However, Griffith followed them and demanded that the officer return his money.
The complainant said he later visited the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) and was directed to the Police Complaints Department after which he met with the Deputy Commander, Errol Watts and laid his complaint.
B Division Commander Ian Amsterdam has confirmed that the Police are investigating the matter. According to him, when the matter was first reported to him, the officer at the centre of the investigation was on leave.
Amsterdam explained that upon approaching the officer, who is said to be attached to the CID, he [the said officer] had assured him [Amsterdam] that he would repay the ‘stolen’ money.
However, the accused lawman’s position on the matter quickly changed and he began to deny ever stealing the money from Griffith’s home.
Amsterdam said he ordered an investigation into the matter and a file containing statements has since been sent to Police headquarters in Georgetown.
Since the incident, Griffith told Police that the specific officer had indicated to him that he [officer] wanted money for the Berbice Mash celebrations. The complainant disclosed that the stolen money belonged to his 76-year-old mother.