CPG members avert double suicide in Bartica

Swift action by a female member of the Karrau Community Policing Group in Bartica, Region Seven (Cuyuni-Mazaruni) saved the lives of two teenagers who attempted to take their own lives on Saturday, Police said.
This publication was informed that at around 18:00h, the two teens, a 14-year-old girl and 19-year-old man, who apparently shared an intimate relationship, attempted to harm themselves.
According to reports, a member of the Community Policing Group, who was in the area at the time, reportedly heard loud screams coming from the direction where the teens were.
Upon checking, she came face to face with them. Upon taking a closer look, she saw the young man holding a sharpened object with intent to harm himself.
The woman told investigators that she immediately raised an alarm and other members of the Policing Group rushed to the scene. Police said the Policing Group members were able to restrain the young man, but upon seeing this, the female ran into a house and locked the door and windows.
With assistance from the residents, the officers managed to enter the building where the teen was found. It was reported that a substance in a bottle was also found close by.
She was taken to the Bartica Regional Hospital where she is undergoing medical treatment. Meanwhile, the 19-year-old was taken into Police custody.
Investigations are ongoing.