CPL, Cricket Carnival seen as boost to cricket development and tourism – GCB

The president and executive members of the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) have extended their commendation to His Excellency Dr. Mohamed Irfan Ali, President of the Republic of Guyana, and his cabinet on his recent disclosure that the next three years’ finals of the Hero CPL will be held in Guyana.

President Dr. Irfaan Ali and CPL CEO Pete Russell posing with the CPL Trophy

This is in addition to seven preliminary matches being played leading up to the semi-finals and finals.
Citing President Ali’s announcement last Wednesday, the GCB wrote, “Further, this historic announcement on the playing of CPL semi-finals and finals over the next three years will enable Guyana to explore avenues for sport tourism. Additionally, with the expected influx of foreigners to Guyana for the matches, Guyana will benefit economically from the historic CPL investment.
“The approach by Government to ensure these CPL matches are assigned to Guyana over the next three years underscores Government’s comprehensive understanding of the value of sport to society. This budget allocation would provide sport organizations with the requisite resources necessary to realize the transformation of most sports in Guyana from an amateur status to a professional sport.”
The GCB missive further informed, “GCB’s President Bissoondyal Singh, in an invited comment, praised His Excellency President Dr. Ali for the historic announcement on the CPL tournament decider to be played in Guyana. He opined that this is a significant achievement, and an indication of the value Government is placing on sports. His Excellency President Dr. Ali is obviously keen on having all sport disciplines employ systematic ways to administer sports in Guyana, and has indicated that the characteristics of transparency, accuracy and integrity should be guiding principles of sport administrations. Dr. Irfaan Ali’s government has witnessed several positive changes in cricket administration.”
It concluded, “The GCB looks forward to the continued development of national stadiums and the proposed National Academy, which will lay a significant platform for the identification and development of players across the country. The GCB views the Academy as an integral measure in developing the mental, technical and skill acquisition of potential players with the impetus to excel at the regional and international levels.”