Cricket, sweet (Texas) Cricket!

Satiricus was elated at the news about his favourite Cricket team – the Guyana Amazon Warriors. His buddies may be focused on the new crop of players who’d be trying to go all the way this year; and that was nothing to sneeze at, conceded Satiricus to himself as he ambled into the Back Street Bar. But imagine being sponsored by Exxon – the biggest oil company in the USA!!
“Abee hear de news, Sato,” said Cappo to Satiricus, who hadn’t realised he’d spoken aloud when he reached the fellas at their favourite table.
“But dem bais still gat fuh play harda!” said Bungi, as he pushed a beer towards Satiricus.
“But do you realise the motivation to the players to be in the company of a world class WINNING company?” asked Satiricus excitedly.
“Well, Exxon certainly showed your government how to win!” said Hari. “Look what they did to all the googlies Trot Man said he bowled against them!!”
“But wha’ dem Texas people know ‘bout cricket?” asked Cappo.
“Well T20 is very similar to baseball,” replied Satiricus. “And, last year, the Houston Astros won the World Series, after a loss 12 years before!”
“Me glad fuh hear da,” said Bungi. “Abee bais just need wan lil push fuh win de final!”
“So what are you fellas taking to the game on Thursday?” asked Hari. “I’m bringing dhall puri and fowl curry as usual.”
“Budday, yuh bettah tell yuh wife abee na wan’ none laang-wata curry!” chuckled Cappo. “Bunjal de t’ing dong dry!!”
“OK…OK..” smiled Satiricus. “But what about the fry fish for us to snack on? Bungi, please don’t bring banga again this year?”
“Sato, ole fr’en’, doan worry. Dis year a gill-bakka pan de menu!” said Bungi. “Evah since dem “’merican ban gill-baaka, price gaan dong!!”
“Bungi, don’t get carried away,” said Hari. “You know we like “fine” fish for snacking.”
“But dem days gaan!” said Cappo. “Abee get Texas spansa…and wid Texas people ev’ry-t’ing gat fuh be de BIGGES’!!”
“So I’ll bring Texas Fried Chicken this year!” grinned Satiricus.