David Granger and APNU/AFC should never be trusted

Dear Editor,
The failure of the Chairperson of GECOM to demonstrate her control and command of the recount process at the Convention Centre speaks volumes, and at the same time confirmed that GECOM has become a major battlefield for free fair and credible elections. For the first time since 1992 GECOM officials have publicly displayed partiality in favour of the governing party, and demonstrated in the present recount process that it would not change, as we await more plots and strategies to either engineer a false declaration once again or to derail the recount.
GECOM is responsible for the current situation in Guyana presently, since the successful passage of the no confidence motion, this autonomous electoral body is conveniently facilitating, injecting life and tolerating the APNU/AFC de facto government to hang on to power. GECOM allowed Mingo to fabricate false spreadsheets with inflated numbers, refusing to comply with constitution in declaring the elections results.
The recount exercise that is ongoing has already exposed the false results of Region Four declaration that was inflated by Lowenfeild, Mingo and others. For this reason, the APNU/AFC activists has started a campaign of propaganda trying to discredit the recount exercise.
The refusal by David Granger to facilitate the Carter Centre and other international observers to returned is an indication that the APNU/AFC is planning a hijack of the elections recount exercise. The David Granger COVID 19 task force is refusing to increase the work stations at ACCC conveniently in order to ensured that the recount exercise continues as long as possible in order to ensured that APNU/AFC hijack plans are implemented.
As Guyanese we must condemn the actions of David Granger and his rigging cabal and guard against any action that would hijack the recount exercise.

Zamal Hussain