Day of judgement…

…for PNC
How quickly we forget. Yesterday was 9/11, but although 25 Guyanese perished on that fateful day in 2001 when the World Trade Centre was brought down, not a peep was heard here on their behalf. Surely they all had relatives and friends who’re still around? Or what about the government. Surely if they can remember the Cubana tragedy, they can remember 9/11. But when you think about it, it’s not really the people’s fault, is it?
The equivalent of our Twin Towers – our Constitution and its supremacy were brought low since June 18 when our final Appellate Court, the CCJ ruled on the NCM, issued its consequential orders based on its powers of Judicial Review, but the PNC refused to obey. If the New York Twin Towers destruction shocked the entire American nation, what else can we expect of the Guyanese people when the entire edifice on which their nation stands has been detonated.
While the Guyanese might not be constitutional scholars, their reaction to the flagrant disrespect shown by Granger and the PNC to the Constitution and the Courts comes out of their own grounded experience with “the law”. If at any time, an ordinary Guyanese breaks the law – even in a matter as small as smoking a spliff – and he’s brought in front of the courts, he knows what’s in store for him, when the orders of the Court are handed down. He’s thrown into the lockups to serve a sentence as laid down by the law.
But for Granger and the PNC Cabinet, however, even though the Constitution says they must resign, and the Courts have said they must resign, they’re still enjoying their offices and perks. The people know that “something is wrong in the state of Guyana,!” They intuitively know that once you destroy the constitutional order, it’s like cutting a limb you’re sitting on, while you’d over a mass of bubbling lava.
We’ve all gone along with the laws of Guyana and when we break those laws we are punished. But now the people are beginning to sense that maybe they also can get away with with unlawful behaviours – just like Granger and PNC cohorts. But unlike Granger and company, they’re deeply troubled at the prospects of anarchy being loosened upon their world. They’re on their own in their predicament. And it’s for this reason they’re fixated on their choices between the devil and the deep blue sea. With no thought for those who perished on 9/11
But the day of judgement is nigh upon Granger and his myrmidons. Time longer than twine, and elections will throw them into the lava of oblivion.

…before year end?
Your Eyewitness is confused …and so are a host of Guyanese who, as described above, are simultaneously in a state of shock at the lawlessness of the Granger brigade. Last we had heard from the GECOM Secretariat was that elections were going being pushed back till next March, 2020. But after the Opposition Leader and his team sat down with GECOM, one of his team reported it’ll be before year end.
Now, what’s going on here?? The Secretariat’s supposed to be working for GECOM, no? Or is it, under the new Chair, they’re now working for the Secretariat?? And exactly who in the Secretariat is making the pronouncements. We know who’s making the announcements. But that’s neither here nor there. The CEO of the Secretariat Lowenfield is reportedly sick. Has the tensions of being pulled in one direction and then the other given him “the big one” like Fred Sandford?
But he should know that GECOM only proposes and its the President who disposes when it comes to elections dates.
And he don’t give a hoot!!

,..for Caribbean Airlines??
For years, CAL has ensure that Guyanese know that there ain’t no “friendly skies” for us, as far as getting to NY -Region 11 – for us.
But their day of Judgement is arriving with Jet Blue!!