Deplorable conditions at Region 3 Social Protection Ministry office

Inaction by officials of the Ministry of Social Protection has reportedly left its office in Region Three (Essequibo-Island West Demerara) in a deplorable condition. According to reports, residents in the district have been obtaining the services offered by the office in undesirable conditions. According to reports received, probation and counselling services, among other matters are done in a non-confidential environment as there are no private offices available.

Guyana Times was told that the staff at the Region Three department is under immense strain and health risks due to the deplorable conditions at the office which is located at the bottom flat of the Best Klien-Pouderoyen Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC).

In footage seen of the building, several sections of the ceiling are rotting while many of the window panes around the facility are missing. Some of the rooms in the building are bat-infested, including two which have non-functioning toilet facilities.

More alarming were reports that a leaking pipe is causing water to lodge under the wood flooring which has caused many of the floorboards to rot. Persons told this publication that at one point, two staff members reportedly fell through while attempting to use the dilapidated lavatories, some of which have to be manually flushed using buckets of water. Reports also state that some of the toilets leak while being flushed.

According to information received, both Permanent Secretaries of the Social Protection Ministry were allegedly made aware of the conditions but to date, no action has been taken. The office has been in operation since 2009. Pension services are also dealt with at the office.