Detriment of GECOM

Dear Editor,
Stan Lee in his prophetic self has foreseen the events in Guyana and described them in his character Thanos in the movie, Avengers: Infinity War.
Thanos is a direct fictional representation of the GECOM Chairman, James Patterson. The six infinity stones represent the six GECOM Commissioners and the Infinity Gauntlet is GECOM as an entity.
We see Thanos adopting a young child after her planet was ravaged. This is a brilliant use of analogy by Stan Lee as the child represents the young Guyanese Constitution born of conflict in Guyana’s past.
In his quest for complete control, Thanos has to sacrifice the child, ie the Constitution. Stan, again, by his use of circular poetic plots, allows Red Skull to meet Thanos and convey unto him the message that to get the stone, he has to sacrifice the thing he loves most. Red Skull is a glaring parallel of the Leader of the Opposition, who is both bald and red-aligned. The GECOM Chairman then sacrifices the Constitution.
In the final showdown at Wakanda, this is a direct metaphor for High and Cowan Streets which have seen a lot of protests.
Thanos then clicks his fingers and wipes out half of the universe, also causing damage to the Infinity Gauntlet. This scene is the equivalent to the Chairman of GECOM wanting to remove half of the list (probably by random) but at the detriment to GECOM.
Stan Lee did not forget the international committee and Caricom in this his masterpiece on Guyanese politics, this community is represented by the DC Universe, they are all silent, not acknowledged and probably does not exist.

Yours truly,
Shan Singh