Duo acquitted of “Haribol” murder due to lack of evidence

The two men who were on trial for the murder of Caitanya Kishundyal, called “Haribol” during the commissioning of a murder were set free on Wednesday by a mixed jury.
Sadif Persaud also called “Guitar” of Port Mourant and Daniel “Dutty” Mc Clennon of Lot 163 Second Street, Rose Hall Town, Corentyne, were found not guilty of the heinous crime.
It was alleged that Kishundyal was shot during the commissioning of a robbery at his Police Outpost Street home back in 2016.
Police had arrested Persaud in relation to another matter in March 2017 and it was during an interrogation that he told investigators that he was a part of the foiled robbery and as such, provided the name of the alleged shooter.
However, Persaud and Mc Clennon were represented by Defence Attorney Sasha Roberts while the Prosecution’s case was presented by Mandel Moore.
Justice Jo Ann Barlow on Wednesday summed up the evidence in the case and noted that two officers gave conflicting accounts as to the alleged confession statement given by Persaud and that there was no evidence coming from Detective Sergeant Lawrence Thomas, who reportedly took the statement.
The trial Judge also noted that the deceased’s parents testified of hearing explosive sounds resulting in them exiting their bedroom and going outside where they saw Kishundyal seated in a chair with a wound to his abdomen.
However, in their evidence, no mention was made about the location of the deceased’s car or whether the gate was opened. In addition, the prosecution did not present footage from the CCTV camera which was fully operable on the night of the incident, and which would have recorded the tragedy.
Further, no evidence was presented connecting the visits by senior lawmen to the crime scene on the night of the incident, nor any evidence of a damaged fence.
Government Pathologist Dr Neaul Singh in his evidence gave the cause of death as gunshot injuries and peritonitis. However, Justice Barlow pointed out that no ballistic expert testified about the six metal objects which were extracted from the stomach of the deceased.
After deliberating for just under two hours, the jury returned with a not guilty verdict setting the two men free.
Speaking with <<<Guyana Times>>> after their acquittal, the two men expressed their delight at being freed.
Persaud said, “I feel comfortable now that I get freedom”. Mc Clennon was a bit more longwinded saying that he is relieved of a crime he did not commit.
“It has been proved so I feel more relieved now.” He stated that one of his immediate plans is to get a job and also to be around so that he can assist his father.