Essequibo Coast All-Star X1 to tour Pomeroon   

A Pomeroon X1 will clash with an Essequibo Coast All-Star X1 on April 18 at the Jacklow ground as part of the Devon Ramnauth Youth Cricket League tournament. The 40-over action is set to begin at 09:30 hrs.
In preparation for that one-day game, long-time cricket enthusiasts and organizers, siblings Ernesto and Kim De Mattos, will have a friendly Under-19 40-over match at Jacklow ground, where Lower (Strike Force) and Upper (Jacklow Youths) Pomeroon will meet each other on Sunday (April 11, 2021).
After this game, the Pomeroon X1 will be named to play the Essequibo Coast XI at Jacklow at a later date.
According to founder Devon Ramnauth, a former national youth player, this encounter is part of the continued development of cricket in Region Two. The Essequibo Coast All-Star team will be selected from the six sides that competed in the recently concluded inaugural Youth League T20 tournament.
Queenstown Under-19 emerged victorious. Those teams are from the Coast, but Ramnauth stated that a game of this magnitude against the Pomeroon combination will entice greater competition and simultaneously showcasing the tremendous talented players too.
In an invited comment, Ernesto De Mattos mentioned that youths in the Pomeroon are understandably excited to have this confrontation with the Essequibo Coast X1. He also emphasized the importance of competitive cricket in the Pomeroon, and expressed his gratitude to Ramnauth for this wonderful initiative of getting things going.
All COVID-19 measures will be put in place, according to Ernesto.
The Devon Ramnauth Region #2 Development Youth Cricket League will be a club cricket tournament played throughout Region #2 (Essequibo Coast) to help promote youth cricket development in the region and also showcase their talents via social media.