“Fitter and stronger”— Mahadeo ready to tackle Reebok Games

In July of this year, one of Guyana’s most prolific powerlifting athletes will head to Wisconsin, USA to participate in the Reebok Fitness Games. Dillon Mahadeo, or “The Beast” as he is sometimes called, is no longer a stranger to this international stage, after competing for the first time in 2019.
“In 2019, it was like a dream just became reality and everything just set in. Being on that competition floor puts you in a different state of mind and it just motivates you to work harder and get back there,” Mahadeo told Guyana Times Sport, as he reflected on his first outing.
His debut aside, the cross-fit connoisseur is now focused on showing his true potential at the Reebok Games from July 29 to August 2.
“This year will be a far different year; all the butterflies and all the jitters of my rookie year is over and I think now is time to really set the mark and go for predetermined goals and achievements I want to hit,” he explained.
Looking six months into the future, Mahadeo shared some of his personal goals that he hoped to achieve at the competition.
“As I said, I want to qualify further into the competition. For sure, trying to get past the first qualifier rounds and get in to the later competition is the first goal and the ultimate goal is to hang around and place in the top tier of the leaderboard,” he shared.
In anticipation of this, the Guyanese cross-fit athlete divulged that he has tweaked certain aspects of his training regimen.
“I’ve already changed a lot since the last games. I’ve changed my diet, the way I train, the quality of my training and other little things. I’ve made those adjustments and they go towards the bigger picture at the end of the day.”
Working along with his Coach Jamie Mc Donald, Mahadeo detailed that the two analysed his performance last year and sought to improve on the smaller things that constitute a better showing.
“I think those little things that we’re going to improve on will make a huge difference and that will take my worldwide ranking up,” the athlete disclosed.
“I think I will be going into the 2020 games a lot fitter, stronger mentally and prepared,” Mahadeo went on to state.
Careful not to reveal too much about his training practices, the cross-fit athlete noted that his preparation has been going great thus far.
“The way my training has been going, it’s tremendous since the last games. Having gained that wealth of experience and the knowledge. Having bounced ideas and seeing how these guys are, I think with a little bit of training more and exposure, I think I can hang with these guys.”
In addition to his participation in the Kares Caribbean Fitness competition on February 9, Mahadeo will have the opportunity to fly to the USA, where he will train for a month with coaches and athletes from the upcoming international games. The training stint is made possible by Lotus Hardware and Kares Engineering. To this end, Mahadeo noted that he was grateful for the support he continued to receive.
“I’m grateful for having a good support system, a lot of people backing me.”