FITUG endorses Government’s actions on Venezuela’s ramping up of tensions

Dear Editor,
The Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Guyana (FITUG), like many Guyanese, is concerned by the pronouncements of Venezuela’s President Nicholas Maduro, as he spoke to measures in respect of the Guyanese territory of Essequibo.
These efforts are linked to last Sunday’s referendum, which, according to some media reports, did not see the popular participation of the Venezuelan people. Additionally, the pronouncements and any actions which stem from them come into direct conflict with the ruling of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) on December 01, 2023.
In the same vein, the FITUG is fully supportive of, and endorses, the actions of President Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali and his Government to advance diplomatic and peaceful measures to address the increasing rhetoric emanating from Caracas. Our recourse to the ICJ and the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) outlines Guyana’s commitment to respect international law and norms. It demonstrates that our country is clearly committed to just, peaceful, and lawful resolution to an issue which had been conclusively settled over a century ago, and revived on very shaky grounds. Indeed, for its efforts, our country has earned even greater respect in the eyes of the international community. And for our part, we remain deeply appreciative and truly comforted by the support and solidarity from many of our long-standing partners and friends, who are standing beside us as we confront a political leadership in Venezuela that is seemingly growing more belligerent.
At this time, the Federation remains staunchly opposed to any actions which violate or infringe on our territorial boundaries. We urge Venezuela to remain respectful of international laws and rules, and to engage fully in the ongoing process at the ICJ. Let Latin America and the Caribbean remain a Zone of Peace.

Federation of
Independent Trade
Unions of Guyana