Foetus found in trench at Stevedore Housing Scheme

The police launched an investigation Sunday morning following the discovery of a foetus in a trench in front of Uncle Eddie’s Home, Stevedore Housing Scheme, South Ruimveldt, Georgetown.
According to reports, the foetus was found in the trench at about 08:00h and was pulled from the water by curious onlookers.
When contacted, Acting Crime Chief Hugh Jessamy confirmed that a foetus was found and an investigation has been launched.
So far, police are questioning residents to ascertain if there were any pregnant women in the area.
A police source told Guyana Times that the foetus looks like a full grown baby and might have been disposed of after the mother had given birth.
The umbilical cord was still attached to the foetus and its head seems to be clotted with blood. While no one was taken into custody, the police are continuing their investigations.
In 2013, the remains of a decomposing new-born baby was discovered in Victoria Street, Albouystown, Georgetown, after a dog was observed playing with a hand it had ripped from the body which was in a septic tank.
The woman who made the discovery had reported that a stench had been emanating from somewhere but she was unsure of where.
She however went into the yard and saw the dog with a hand of a baby. As she looked closer she found the remains of the foetus in the septic tank and raised an alarm.
The woman who gave birth to the baby when questioned by police said the baby was born dead.
She said while it would have been better to dispose of it in a “better way,” because of the rain she threw it into the septic tank in her Albouystown yard but did “not expect it to float up back.” She was subsequently released after the post mortem results were undetermined.