Former REO tells staff to commit suicide during verbal beatdown

…admits to abetting suicide

Former Region Two (Pomeroon-Supenaam) Regional Executive Officer (REO), Denis Jaikaran has been accused of threatening and abusing a staff member of the Regional Democratic Council while admitting to aiding the suicide of a former colleague in the teaching profession.

Former Region Two Regional Executive Officer Denis Jaikaran

In an audio recording, which Guyana Times confirmed included the voice of Jaikaran, he could be heard boasting that one of his former colleagues, by the name of Sir Kumar, came to him for advice because of depression and frustration and he advised the man to commit suicide.
“One man kill he self Saturday. Me and he teach together. Sir Kumar, he was telling me about frustration and depression so me tell he bai if yuh frustrated or depressed…me tell am drink poison and he drink poison and he dead…he used to sell ah market tuh,” Jaikaran was heard saying.
The People’s National Congress (PNC) Executive Member made the claims during a verbal beatdown of a staffer. The staffer was apparently requesting a transfer and that did not sit well with the then REO. He reportedly called the staff to a meeting where he verbally assaulted him, threatening to make his life miserable.
“When I finish with you, you will drink poison, leff this wuk or you run man that is my objective in here. We will prepare for you so either you go to cremation site or if you want burial or go back at Better Hope. You can’t go back to Charity because every time you slip, I will deal with you,” he was heard saying.
The staffer would have reported to Jaikran that the situation at his post in Suddie, Essequibo Coast, lends to his depression and frustration to which Jaikaran sought to catergorise him as female.
“Nobody will pay no attention to you. I got senior staff meeting and I will tell all ah dem not to pay attention to you…you want attention, me can’t give you attention and no Government officer can give you attention. I will visit Suddie so many times that every time I see you in a corner, I will write you up and ah go frustrate you more,” Jaikaran told the man.
“You get hire car so don’t think you can fool anybody and I will go to the (Guyana) Revenue Authority and make them charge you for all the years for tax. You defraud the Government…we are not transferring you; we are reassigning you,” he added.
Jaikaran was also heard telling the staffer that he was hoping to see him among the death announcements on television and was disappointed that he did not commit suicide as yet. Additionally, the former REO also threatened to remove the staff from the land on which he was living.
Attempts to contract Jaikaran for a comment proved futile.