Fostering natural pesticides can reduce pesticide suicide

Dear Editor,
The Caribbean Voice (TCV) is thrilled that natural pesticides are being encouraged in the agri sector. While we are aware that the purpose of this initiative is to foster healthy lifestyles and healthy eating and to get farmers to stay away from the synthetic fertilisers and pesticides, TCV recognises that as agri-poisons become used less and less, pesticide suicide will also be reduced since the means would not be available.
While over the years, TCV has been pushing for the Shri Lankan Hazard Reduction Model to be adapted and implemented in Guyana, and for all farmers to be provided with strong boxes to store agri-poisons, we believe that fostering natural pesticides will negate the need for these two measures. And so we appeal to the Ministry of Agriculture to please make the video of this lecture available in all farming areas, to all farmers and to work with farmers towards ensuring that natural pesticides are as widely available as possible so they can phase out the agri-poisons.

The Caribbean Voice