Fraser pleased with sprint performance; eyes Olympics

Early Season Classic track & field meet…

For many who had witnessed the Early Season Classic track & field meet hosted last weekend at the National Facility at Leonora, WCD, the expectation was that sprint sensation Emmanuel Archibald who studies and trains in Jamaica would cross the finish line ahead of all competitors in the prestigious 100M event.

Davin Fraser of the Police Progressive Youth Club

With outstanding talents like Akeem Stewart, Noelex Holder and Deron Roberts lined up alongside Archibald for the race, fireworks in an exciting event with an unforgettable climax were definitely anticipated.
What nobody expected was that Davin Fraser of the Police Progressive Youth Club (PPYC) would cross the finish line ahead of his illustrious club mate Emmanuel Archibald, to announce the advent of a new sprint superstar on the local scene.
Fraser clocked 10.26s for the win, while Archibald came in second in 10.32s; Akeem Stewart of the Guyana Defence Force came in third in 10.42s, while Noelex Holder of the University of Guyana was fourth in 10.56s.
Reflecting on his outstanding victory, Fraser told this publication that he was well prepared to capture gold in the event.
“First of all, I must give thanks (to God) for good health and strength, (which enabled me to be) coming out to put in the good work. You know, I was well prepared for that competition,” he disclosed.
It is still early in the athletics season, and besides, activities have been put on pause amidst onset of the COVID-19 pandemic; but Fraser shared that he is contented with his performance thus far, although he still believes he has more work to do in order to complete this race in 10s flat.
“(It is still) early in the season, (but) I’m doing really great in the 150s and the 60s and the 80s. So I came here and I was looking forward for a 10.0s; but, you know, I’m thankful for the 10.6s that I ran. It was good,” Fraser explained.
Having disclosed the goal he has set himself, Fraser pleaded for more such meets to be staged, in order to give athletes opportunity to compete steadily.
“The thing is that we need more competition for us athletes to progress more in our sport; but the competition was good though,” he admitted.
Like many senior track and field athletes in Guyana, Fraser has his eyes set on making it to the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics.
“My plan is to just stay focused, get into more competitions here and overseas to qualify for this Olympics, and make Guyana proud; put them on the map, and do my best,” Fraser declared.