Fruta Conquerors upset GFC with 2nd win

Limacol Football Tournament…

Fruta Conquerors FC Under-20 squad kept their streak clean on Saturday evening by bagging their second group round victory in the fourth edition of the Limacol Football Tournament.
Playing at the Ministry of Education Ground on Carifesta Avenue, Fruta Conquerors’ Under-20 squad took on the Georgetown Football Club (GFC) in the second encounter scheduled for the night, which turned out to be the more exciting of the two.
Fruta Conquerors’ captain Nicholas McArthur began his hunt of the goal from the very first sound of the whistle, charging past the entire GFC defensive line and the goal-keeper to net his first goal within 5 seconds of play.
McArthur relentlessly continued his pursuit of the goal, and was soon rewarded with a penalty, which he took cleanly to up his tally and that of the Fruta Conquerors to two.
Three minutes later, in the 11th minute of play, Rishun Rich enjoined the scoring frenzy when he found the GFC goal-keeper slipping, and connected with the back of the net for the Conquerors’ third goal.
Kelvin Moore netted a consolation goal for the GFC in the 14th minute, much to his team’s delight. However, the Georgetown Football Club team would not rejoice again, as their attention was concentrated on resisting the Fruta Conquerors’ advances.
While their defense held up for the remainder of the first half, their opponents returned in the second half with fresh enthusiasm; and Ravon Bailey added his name to the score sheet in the 49th minute while Mc Arthur returned in the 59th minute to complete his hat trick.
Fruta Conquerors eventually took the win 5-1.
In the previous encounter on Saturday night, Camptown and Black Pearl played to a 1-1 draw, and thus shared points.
Black Pearl first sealed their lone goal off the boots of Peter Smith in the 36th minute, and with much enterprise and hope, held on to their lead for the remainder of the first half; but Camptown’s scoring time came in the second half, when near misses came in succession before Jamal Codrington levelled the scores for Camptown in the 54th minute.
The encounter thereafter became more intense as both sides hunted the winning goal, but this was not to be, as regulation time expired with the scores level.
This tournament is sponsored by the New GPC Inc under their Limacol brand, and is supported by W.J. Enterprise, who are the sole distributors of Croxley Paper.
When the curtains come down on this 4th edition of the tournament, the winner will walk away with $400,000, while second-placed team would have to settle for $200,000. Third- and fourth- placed team will pocket $100,000 and $50,000 respectively. (Jemima Holmes)