Gangs pushing drugs in schools

Dear Editor,
According to the media, “Officials within the school system are suspected to be culprits in the emerging issue of students using illegal drugs, says Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan”. Does he really have no clue?
Surely the Minister is aware that drugs are becoming a big business in Guyana with a number of gangs operating in various parts of Guyana and being responsible, to a significant degree, in getting drugs in schools. Is he not aware that these gangs coerce kids, especially from rich families, to push the drugs in schools after either getting them hooked or taking pictures of them in very compromising positions and then blackmailing them?
Perhaps the Minister needs to talk to members of the Police Force who have their fingers on the pulse on communities or researchers from the University of Guyana student and staff population or even senior students in schools.
Even if it is true that a few school staff are involved, they would be insignificant cogs in the wheel. So Minister Ramjattan, please do get the facts. The whole issue is an open secret really.

Annan Boodram
The Caribbean Voice