GEA prioritising transition to renewable energy

– hosted electric automotives show

GEA CEO, Dr Mahender Sharma

The Guyana Energy Agency (GEA) on Thursday hosted an automotive show to display the range of electric vehicles (EVs) available in the country, as well as promote awareness of the environmental impact and cost efficiency of EVs in a country that is seeing a gradual transition to low-emission electricity.
GEA Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Dr Mahender Sharma noted that the exhibition was demonstrative of the Agency’s continuous endeavours to spread awareness of the availability of these models, and educate persons on the care and maintenance of EVs.
To this end, he disclosed that by the end of the week about 25 electricians and mechanics would be trained in the care and maintenance of EVs.
“We have also been doing a number of webinars and sensitisation programmes talking about EVs. As I speak, we are training the second batch of mechanics and electricians on the repair and maintenance of EVs,” he said.

Some electric vehicles on display at the Arthur Chung Conference Centre

Sharma emphasised that the use of EVs would go hand in hand with the Government’s commitment to foster a significant reduction in the use of fossil fuels.

Electric vehicles use electricity to power their engines

He explained, “What this means for us is that we have the potential, the technology and the opportunity to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, and it fits very nicely in our low-carbon developmental strategy and the trajectory that we are going for – low-carbon transportation – within that strategy.”
EVs use electricity to charge their batteries as opposed to petrol or diesel, making them more efficient as well as better for the environment, since these models do not emit greenhouse gases.
Recently, the GEA awarded a contract to Flash Motors Company Limited of Jamaica for the supply of six charging stations for electric vehicles as part of a pilot project. Sharma disclosed that these charging stations were expected to arrive in early 2023, and would be placed in select areas across the coast, namely in Regions Three, Four and Six.
GO-Invest CEO, Dr Peter Ramsaroop, and Director of the Industry and Innovations Unit under the Office of the Prime Minister, Sharukh Hussain, as well as representatives of the various Ministries and the Office of the Prime Minister were also in attendance.