GECOM Chair should fire CEO, or demand his resignation immediately

Dear Editor,
It has been four months since Guyanese went to the polls and exercised their constitutional duty. It has also been four months since the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) has failed to declare the true winner of these elections until this day.
First, there were the true/originally prepared Statements of Poll, which are prepared at the places of poll and signed by the Presiding Officers and the agents from all political parties, also known as counting agents, who were present at the count, and even throughout the entire E-Day process on March 02, 2020.
However, the Guyana Elections Commission had executed a National Recount of all Ten (10) electoral districts, in which they took thirty-one (31) consecutive days to complete. Mind you, at end of E-Day (March 02, 2020), each polling station had completed its count in a matter of hours, yet GECOM took thirty-one (31) days to “wrap up” a National Recount, the very same GECOM that did the count at each place of poll on E-Day.
It is quite disgraceful how some main staff members of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) had acted in regard to matters that have arisen since the March 02nd General and Regional Elections were held, namely the CEO of GECOM.
When an E-Day staff attends training to conduct elections on E-Day, investigations are done into the entire history of the trainee and their family, and if there is a slight chance that they were affiliated with any political party or have a party flag mounted at their home, that person gets fired immediately by the Deputy Returning Officer or Returning Officer.
The questions to be asked now are: What is the current Chief Elections Officer still doing in GECOM’s building? And why is he still holding his post? Isn’t he supposed to be treated the very same way E-Day trainee staff have been treated for past decades?
The Chair of GECOM should immediately “fire” or demand a resignation from the CEO, for he has shown no sign of NEUTRALITY and HONESTY, which are key components in order for him to hold the office he currently holds.
Yours truly,
Randy Da Silva