GECOM Chairperson was right

Dear Editor,
I was of the initial opinion that the GECOM Chairwoman, Justice Claudette Singh (ret’d) was the key figure and main facilitator for us getting into this electoral mess in March 2020. I was of the firm belief that she was to be blamed for the delay in the declaration of the results of the election including the 5-month impasse that followed.
I was also of the view that the 5 months of harrowing wait that she was somehow in collusion with the rigging crew. It seems that somewhere, somehow, there was a meeting of the minds of the Chairwoman and the fraudsters. These and more were the opinions that kept swirling around in my head.
Then of course, questions the likes of “why didn’t she fire Mingo at the onset of the rigging process”, “why didn’t she issue a warrant for Lowenfield’s arrest after a third attempt at the submission of his own figures instead of those of the recount, why?” The questions kept coming hard and fast. However, it was not after careful scrutiny of the entire electoral process of that period, that I finally came up with the stark reality that the Chairwoman was right.
The Chairwoman was right, as enunciated in the creole, proverb “just give them enough rope to hang themselves.” And that could only have been done by allowing them to work out the full length of their plan; the scope and extent to which this rigging matter was worked out, only became manifest as they worked the system through to the finest detail. The rigging crew did it with the artistic execution that only a well-trained PNC apprentice could.
Had it not been for the seemingly “laid back wait and see attitude,” and let them work their plan approach, which was allowed, could we get that holistic picture of the intent of this criminal crew. Talk about being brazen and glaringly open in their quest to wrest this country from a legitimate Government, this is it.
I shudder to think what would have been if she hadn’t given the rigging cabal the latitude she did. It means, Lowenfield, Myers and the whole entourage of fraudsters would still be there to corrupt the system into another fraud of even greater proportion. Therefore, I am indeed thankful for her approach to this whole scenario of things; thank you, Madam Chair.
The rest of this colossal fraud episode would be revealed in court and we await those proceedings with eager anticipation.

Neil Adams